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We strive to deliver outstanding service to every patient, every time you visit us. At Christina Greene Dentistry, you’re more than just a patient, you’re a friend!

2 months ago
Kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses - are you having a bad day? visit your new dentist, Christina Greene Family Dentistry.... hear me out. Called due to...
alex shelton
4 months ago
Dr Greene is an excellent dentist. She is passionate about her career and making sure her patients are taken care of. Her office...
Tamara Allen Bush
8 months ago
Best Dentist, Staff and Clinic award! Professional, clinically sound, quality and nice people. The fish and office dog were a bonus. I had 3...
Michele Degnon
6 months ago
No longer dreading the dentist. Dr. Greene is THE BEST, hands down. I can’t say enough. She is conservative and honest with her diagnosis. She is thorough...